• Herculeds Wheel Ring Kit.

    $169.99 $139.99

    The Herculeds Wheel Ring Kit makes the ultimate statement when it comes to automotive lighting! With the dynamic "floating ring" look that grabs attention like no other lighting effect on the market.

    Our handmade 4pc kit is the brightest on the market and made from the highest quality LEDs available.

    Our Wheel rings are made out of an anodized black aluminum. Then we finish it off with a matt black finish that blends the ring into the background of your wheel/brake hub assembly. we like the "incognito" look and are sure you will to. We have also started coating the mounting hardware and screws in matt black as well.

    The rings mount to the outer ring of the brake hub dust cover. We provide all the necessary hardware to do the mounting.

    Please make note of the pictures above. They will give you an example of how we are looking for the measurements. Keep in mind the rear and front are usually different sized brake hubs and will need to be measured separately.  

    *Colorshift option price includes a wireless controller that allows you to choose the color you want by the push of a button*

    Kit Includes

    4pc wheel rings in the color of your choosing.

    12 mounting brackets

    12 self tapping screws (for mounting brackets to dust cover)

    12 nut and bolt (to mount ring to mounting brackets)

    1 drill bit

    switch                                                   Wire Loom

    fuse protection.                                    Zip ties