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Switchback DRL/Turn Signal Pods

Switchback DRL/Turn Signal Pods

These are the newest innovation in DRL Sequential Switchback technology.

These pods give an ultra bright and smooth pure white for driving lights, Then when you activate your turn signals the switch over to a pure amber sequential shooting star pattern.

These pods are made to pull apart and stretch from 20 inches on up to 28 inches. you can bend, twist, turn, wrap and any other design to get these to fit right where you want them.

These new pods come with 2 inch mounting wires on each one as well as 3M tape. so you could poke small holes in your mounting surface to pass the wires through or clip the wires and use the 3M adhesive attached.

These Pods will need to be mounted inside of an enclosed areas as they are currently not waterproof from the back so be sure to include that in your plans.


2 DRL sequential pod strips

2 power control modules