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Sequential switchback DRL/Turn signal

Sequential switchback DRL/Turn signal

Available in 24" and 36" Tubes

  • White tube diffuses LEDs for a nice even glow and OEM appearance
  • Bright white for daytime running lights
  • Sequential amber for turn signals
  • Extremely flexible. Fits most applications
  • 30,000 hour long life.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Mounting Instructions
  • Want to take your custom headlight build to the next level? These Sequential Switchback Tubes are just what you need! Each tube features both white LEDs for daytime running lights and amber LEDs for your turn signals. They come with a built in sequential switchback feature meaning when the turn signal is activated, the white will automatically shut off and the amber sequence will cycle. The white tubes diffuse the light to give off a uniform glow and allow for an OEM like appearance.

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