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Herculeds Grille Kit

Herculeds Grille Kit

The brightest and most powerful grille kit on the market. These are our very own that are handmade when you order them. They are fully waterproof and are designed to last for years to come. No other kit on the market comes close to the intensity of our kit.

Small is 1-24 inch strip (great for adding a bright and vibrant effect)

Large is 2-24 inch strips.(for larger vehicles and for making a true BOLD statement)

Super is 3-24 inch strips (for those who want to the next level and beyond)

A wireless controller is included when you choose the colorshift option. (but you may upgrade to a smartphone controlled controller)

Each kit comes complete with all materials needed to perform a professional install in the comfort of your own driveway or garage.


Light kit, fuse protection, switch, wire loom, alcohol prep pads, zip ties and install instructions.

With several options available, you are sure to get the look you want.