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Herculeds Chasing Series Dynamic controller

Herculeds Chasing Series Dynamic controller

This is our all new controller for Chasing and Flow series halos and strips.

This is a universal unit that will work with any 5v 3 wire chasing series. So it doesnt matter if you bought it from us or not. 


6 independently controlled channels that allows you to merge them all together or set to different colors or patterns at any given moment

Built in switchback mode that allows for pure white for driving with amber turn signals. Then full color and patterns when parked.

Very small and compact design with regulators built in.

Dynamic channel control allows you to decide which items will resond to drl and which will respond to turn signals. 

Dynamic turn modes allow you to decide what type of turn signals each active one will follow. Steady blink, chasing or flow. 

With the built in DIY mode you get to custom design your own colors and patterns. So feel free to get creative

Built in fuse protection.

16amp power capacity. Or upgrade to 24amp.