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Error eliminator 50w 6ohm

Error eliminator 50w 6ohm

Error eliminators are the perfect way to correct the "bulb out" message or to correct "hyper flash" that will occur when you put an LED into a car that has a Canbus monitoring system.

LED's use far less energy therefore they trigger an error state in cars that are looking for a specified current range.

The error eliminators use up that extra energy the car is "looking" for, tricking the system into seeing what it was trained to see.


T10 eliminator = 1 piece

25 watt 8 OHM comes as a set of 2

50 watt 6 OHM comes as a set of 2

Please note, These eliminators do get rather hot. so please be sure to mount them in a location that can withstand high temperatures (bare metal is preferred) Keep away from soft plastics and carpet.

We are not responsible for any incorrect mounting and incurred damage.