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Engine bay work/accent light

Engine bay work/accent light

In todays day and age it is important to have the right tools for the job at all times. In our line of business that means having the right light at the right time. So why not have the best work light possible always ready to go as soon as you pop the hood. no more needing 3 hands, no more dropping your flashlight and it is out of your face for years of useful light. Once you are done tinkering then the light acts as a show light to illuminate your under hood efforts.

Whether you are looking to do some repairs under the hood or add some accent lighting to highlight your engine bay, our 20 inch strip is sure to make its mark.

Kit includes.

20inch strip with 8 ft wire lead.                          Wire loom

Fuse                                                                   Zip ties

Switch                                                                 Alcohol cleaning pads

Installation instructions

Also available in a variety of colors for those wanting more of an inexpensive engine bay decorative lighting. Feel free to get 2 sets, 1 in white for a work light and a 2nd in the color of your choice.