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Diode Dynamics LED Load Resistor/error eliminator

Diode Dynamics LED Load Resistor/error eliminator

When you replace incandescant turn signal bulbs with LEDs in most vehicles, the vehicle will start hyperblinking because the LED uses much less power, and the vehicle thinks the bulb is out. You can use these resistors to fix the problem of hyperblinking when you convert to LED bulbs.

Diode Dynamics resistors have extra-long 8" leads for easier installation, and have a rating of 50w, 6ohm. This is usually enough to compensate for one bulb. If you are installing four LED turn signals (front and rear) we recommend four total resistors.

Included with your order:

  • 2 resistors
  • 4 quick-splice "scotch-lock" connectors


Installation: Connect one side of the resistor to the positive turn signal wire, and the other side to negative (ground) with included connectors.