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Diode Dynamics Headlight Error Eliminator (HID/LED)

Diode Dynamics Headlight Error Eliminator (HID/LED)

HID/LED DRL Warning Canceller Modules

Some vehicle manufacturers such as BMW and Audi are using alternating current on new cars to extend the lifetime of halogen bulbs. This is also often the case on DRLs, to achieve a lower brightness during the day. Specifically, this is called Pulse Width Modulation.

HID conversion kits require continuous current to operate correctly. If HIDs are installed onto a DRL circuit, the lights will flicker very quickly when the vehicle is turned on. If you have a relay, it will buzz loudly. The solution for this is the Warning Canceller Module.

To fix DRL flickering, you will need one module for each side. If you have a buzzing relay due to DRLs, you will just need one module.

The HID Warning Canceller Module is also known as an HID Error Message Canceller, HID Decoder, HID Anti Flicker Capacitor, or Canbus Killer, because they will also eliminate "bulb out" or "bulb failure" warnings in Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, and other cars when HIDs are installed.

Your order includes:

  • ONE Precision HID Warning Canceller Module
  • Diode Dynamics 1-year warranty¬†