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Diode Dynamics Bluetooth Smartphone Controller

Diode Dynamics Bluetooth Smartphone Controller


This Bluetooth remote is the latest technology for controlling your RGB components! You'll be able to control your lighting through your compatible iOS or Android device, using the free downloadable app. When this controller receives power, it will automatically pair with your device- you don't even need to program it! Just download the free app, plug this in, and your phone becomes your controller.

There are four standard 4-pin RGB outputs on this controller, but it comes with two 2-way splitters for a total of 4 RGB outputs. The power input plug should be wired to 12 volts.

This is only the Bluetooth controller- you must use your existing compatible smartphone (see list below). This does not come with an additional remote control, and must be used with your compatible iOS or Android device (not included). Please check your phone's compatibility before ordering (see list below). 



The app features multiple modes. It includes a full color wheel with dimming, a number of preset modes with adjustable speeds, or you can program your own mode and save it for later use. Multiple bluetooth devices can be controlled independently from the same device


Input Connector: 5.5mm standard DC plug

Input Power: DC 9- 24V

Output Connector: Common Positive, +BRG pinout, four standard 4-pin connectors

Output Power: 4 amps @ 12VDC per channel (12A total) (max)

Dimensions: 4.15in x 1.77in x 1in

Signal Range: 50 feet indoor, 30 feet outdoor (clear space)

Software Compatibility: Android OS 4.4+ AND Bluetooth 4.0, or iOS5 or higher