2x26"+2x33"+2x53" Home iOS Android WiFi App Control Flexible Strip 113 Patterns LED Lighting Kit XK SILVER

$415.98 $357.98
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What's Included:

  • 24pc wire clips with 3M Tape
  • Waterproof tape
  • 24pc silicon U-brackets
  • 48pc screws
  • 24pc zip ties

Capture a color. Put it on.

Create light camouflage with camera

Our world is full of amazing colors! What colors in your environment inspire you? Use Camo Feature with the smartphone camera to instantly capture colors, and match endless inspirational color choices with your car.

Paint with color. Collect favorites in the app.

Revolutionary light control.

Touch any spot on the color palette and transform your vehicle's accent lighting to the same style seamlessly. Favorite colors can be saved for future quick access. Building your personal light collection has never been easier

113 exhilarating chasing patterns.

You'll never get tired of watching them. We guarantee it.

Create the most amazing eye catching light displays with XK Silver lighting kits. Our designers delicately handcrafted 113 patterns with adjustable speeds. Improved from standard LED kits which will only display one color at a time, each XK Silver LED chip is capable of displaying it's own distinguished color.

Yes. It still works without the app.

Advanced on-board control technology.

Even when no smart device is connected to the controller, the 113 light patterns are stored in controller’s memory, and can be operated by simply pressing the on-board button. The future in LED technology is right here!