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2pc 7" RGB LED Jeep Headlight XKchrome Bluetooth App Controlled Kit w/ Switchback Feature

2pc 7" RGB LED Jeep Headlight XKchrome Bluetooth App Controlled Kit w/ Switchback Feature

What's Included:

  • 2pc Mini XKchrome BLE 4.0 app controlled
  • 2pc Jeep RGB Headlight
  • 1pc 1-to-2 switch
  • 2 pc H4-H13 adapter wire
  • Mounting accessories

  • If you’ve been shopping for an aftermarket Jeep headlight, you’ve probably noticed by now that they ALL look the same. If you want your Jeep to look like everyone else’s, have at it! We set out to design a truly unique offering to give your Jeep a one of a kind look. And to say that we hit the nail on the head with this one, is an extreme understatement! Integrating the latest in bi-LED technology allowed us to achieve this unique 3D halo effect with super bright RGB switchback turn signals and bug-zapping performance! Since introducing the first-ever smartphone controlled LED lighting system more than 8 years ago, our industry-leading XKchrome APP gives you more features than any other APP on the market. See and Be Seen with our ALL NEW XKchrome Bi-LED 7” Headlights Music is the essence of life; and we make it the essence of light. XKchrome's Music Sync feature enables lights to dance with the rhythm of any song in your phone, or with any sound picked up by the microphone. To maximize visual effect, our adaptive algorithm dynamically adjusts the volume sensitivity. No matter if it's a country music or a hard rock, just lay back and enjoy the full spectrum you defined for your favorite song.

    Built with 16 bit gamma correction, XKchrome provides over 16 million vibrant colors, allowing the user to choose any color with a single tap. Combinations of different colors and patterns allow more room for creativity and uniqueness compared to other automotive LED lights. Up to 6 controllers (6 zones) can be connected at the same time. 

    Our color designer hand-picked over 15 themes for special occasions throughout the year. Select the Christmas Theme to get into the Holiday spirit or the St. Patrick's Day Theme to get yourself out of a pinch! In addition, users can fully customize their own themes with various pattern, speed, and up to 10 color combinations. 


    At XKGLOW, we never stop pushing the boundaries. With the latest app update, XKchrome can seamlessly transition lights from one color to another and tune the light brighter as you move faster, turning your vehicle into a beast that breaths light! All these new feature updates are free so you can get the most out of XKchrome with your imagination.

    XKchrome can do more than lighting. Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth Smart Beacon, XKchrome helps locate your parked vehicle. When you walk away after parking, XKchrome app will automatically pin down your location. So that you can easily look it up in the app when you need to find the way back. Once you get close enough, the APP will turn the lights on to illuminate your vehicle in that dark alley or parking garage.

    Tech Specs:

    • iOS device compatibility: iPhone 4S or higher; iPad 3 or higher; iPad Mini or higher, iPod Touch 5th gen or higher.
    • Android device compatibility: Must be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and Android 4.4 or higher version system. 
    • Max load: 3A per XKchrome Mini Controller
    • Light power consumption per headlight: 26W Low / 32W High 
    • Input voltage: 12V
    • Sensor wire input voltage: 12V
    • Reversed polarity protection: Yes.
    • Transient voltage suppression: Yes.
    • Controller Dimension: 1.75" x 0.8" x 0.35"
    • Applications: Jeep Wrangler
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