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14 Pod 84 LED dual Color LED Underglow Kit for Motorcycle or ATV

14 Pod 84 LED dual Color LED Underglow Kit for Motorcycle or ATV

This kit is compatible with the XK-Chrome single color smartphone controller.

  • 10pc compact pods. 60 total top-grade LEDs. Perfect for engine and ground under glow.
  • 4pc compact pods. 24 total top-grade LEDS. Perfect for accenting.
  • 2nd generation plug-n-play design. 60% less installation time.
  • Sonic-welded body for improved water and dust resistance.
  • Unique adjustable brackets included for perfect light angles.
  • Mounting instructions:
  • Mounting instructions: Download PDF

  • With 14 vibrant, compact pods and new plug-n-play features that take full advantage of the technology inside, This kit is designed to combine amazing light accents at an affordable price. The all new all-in-one switch and extension wire set delivers a clean installation and 60% less mounting time than its predecessor.

    The compact pods can be attached to a broad range of positions across the motorcycle, which cast bright light from all angles without exposing the light source.
    The sonic-welded body and US-made 3M tape ensure the lights can endure various challenging riding environments. The kit is expendable to max 80 pods and are 100% compatible with XKGLOW

  • Input voltage: 12V DC.
  • Input current: 0.04A per pod
  • Power consumption: 0.48w per pod.
  • Pod size: 1.3x0.7x0.3in (31x18x8mm).
  • Brightness: 45lm per pod

  • 14pc light pods + 6pc aluminum mounting brackets & 3M tapes .
  • Zip ties & wire clips + detailed instructions + recommended mounting locations
  • 1pc all-in-one switch & wiring harness
  • (2) Y-splitters, (6) 6" wires,(14) 12" wires,(2) 48" wires, and (1) waterproof tape roll

  • Motorcycle; ATV; Snowmobile; Car; Boat

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