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10 Strips 7 Color Remote Control Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile LED Light Kit

10 Strips 7 Color Remote Control Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile LED Light Kit

Upgrade to the XK CARBON smartphone controller to add 14 million additional colors and tons of patterns.

7 solid color display, transitions through 2 million color variants.
  • 10pc flexible ultra-slim strips. 30 total top-grade 3-chip RGB LEDs.
  • 4-key wireless control (on/off; color change; strobe; breath effect; speed)
  • All installation accessories included and simple plug-n-play wiring.
  • Included
  • 10pc light strips.
  • 1 paired remote controller & key fob
  • Zip ties, wire clips, and detailed instructions with recommended mounting locations
  • ON/OFF switch for main shut off
  • (5) Y-splitters, (4) 6" wires, (10) 12" wires, (2) 48" wires, and (1) roll waterproof tape
  • (1) 3M Adhesion Promoter 06396
  • Second generation controller with improved remote range.
  • New and improved light tube design for water and dust resistance.
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting instructions: Download PDF
    Popular is an understatement, optimized for the premium light coverage of motor and underbody, this 10 strip kit is one of XKGLOW's most popular. Compact and ultra-bright lights that enhance your bike, this all-included kit is entirely plug-n-play, reducing installation time to a minimum.

    Our pods and strips use the same number of LED's and have the same brightness. The strips have a slightly broader light coverage for larger areas such as: Under Tank, Saddle Bags, and Ground Effects. The pods light output is slightly more condensed but, the pods can be hidden in tight places such as: behind the air cleaner, on brake calipers, air intake ports, and grills.

    The flexible strips can be attached to a broad range of positions across the motorcycle, which cast bright light from all angles without exposing the light source. The 3M tape ensure the lights can endure the most challenging of riding environments. The kit is expandable to max 50 strips and are 100% compatible with XK CARBON smartphone series and XK LED pod series.
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