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We get asked a lot about our headlight payment plans and how it works.

Here is the general breakdown of the program.

You contact us via

email to drobinder@gmail.com

Facebook, @herculeds

Instagram, Herculeds

You and I come up with a plan for your design.

To start the program you will pay a deposit equal to the price of your new set of headlight housings (say for example they are $300 for your new housings) then your initial deposit would be $300

Then, whenever you can afford to make a minimum $100 payment then you do so. (you wont be on any set schedule, just when you have money left after paying bills) 

Once you are all paid off, your new headlights will then ship to you ready to go on the car right out of the box. We label everything and include what you will need to install them on your car/truck

No refunds will be given, if you need to cancel then all materials you have purchased to that point would then be shipped to you for you to do as you wish.

Payments are made via PayPal that way we can both keep perfect record of payments made. Since no refunds are allowed in this program, we can offer 18% savings if you are willing to do friends and family payments. but we can understand if you don't feel comfortable doing so if you are a new customer of ours, but going through as a business transaction we will have to add associated fee's.