Herculeds.com Welcome to HercuLEDs. The most powerful name in LED lighting

How We Got Started

We began in early 2013 as a hobbyist hand making LED lighting for a specific use. That escalated quickly into a whole range of items and applications for many vehicles through high customer demand. We are happy to reintroduce ourselves as your premier lighting company for all of your automotive, residential and commercial applications. We concentrate deeply on customer satisfaction and the highest quality.
We have recently gone through a rebranding phase. We had hit a point in our adventures where it was time to realize we are so much more than an automotive tail light customizer and needed a name that reflected it. We quickly fell in love with the idea of Hercules being our mascot, After all he does stand for great strength and he was known for his far reaching adventures. We feel he is a great comparison to ourselves, we feature the most powerful and durable LEDs on the market and we are known to go great lengths to ensure our customers needs are very well taken care of.

As a small family owned business we are committed to your satisfaction with our products. We know what a hassle it can be to shop at the big box stores or other online retailers and devoted ourselves in proving to our customers that getting a personal online shopping experience is possible in todays day and age.